A film by:

RICHARD LI Director - TAMARA DENNETT Production Manager - JOEL MIELLE Cinematographer - IAN CAMERON & RICHARD LI Writers.


DARREN TAING Jack Lee - DAVID LUNG Donnie Chhoeur - JESS Mary Stass - TOM William Lake - MASTER WANG  Phillip Lau

Feature film by Richard Lee.

A Chinese/Australian feature shot around Melbourne Australia and Shanghai China.





Young Chinese overseas student Jack Lee is studying at TAFE to become an ambulance paramedic. He’s also a student of kung fu at the local studio along with his con man employer, David. When the most beautiful Australian dance student, Jess, moves into the house where Jack lives, he falls in love with her. Jack’s scheming mind works overtime:how can he get to her?


Jack’s been working for David, selling fake water ionizers door-to-door. David helps him to steal Jess’s bike one night. Now Jack can give her rides to TAFE on his own bike and be close to her. Soon the two are dating and dreaming of each other.  When he decides to return Jess’s bike to her, Jess’s best friend finds out what Jack has done and tells Jess. The girls visit the local tip that night, take some incriminating photos of Jack and David, then flee.


Jack’s landlord hears about the stolen bike story and smartly tosses him out of the house. Jack searches the papers trying to find a room to rent. The only one he can afford is at the house owned by Pat and Phil, an elderly Australian couple that he sold a dodgy water ionizer to a few weeks ago.


He is scared of being found out but has no choice and moves in, and can’t affort to move out. He harbors a deep terror that Pat and Phil will learn the truth about the ionizer business and call the police.


Unable to score a job, Jack winds up working with Phil, walking in the streets and delivering junk mail. Gradually Jack is moved by their generous love comparing it with his own father’s selfishness.  Meanwhile, Pat tests their new water ionizer and learns that it’s a fake – so are those of her friends.


David has bought a shipping container of water ionizers in China to sell in Australia but is held up there to nurse his sick mother.  When Phil finds out David’s real connection with Jack, he confronts David about selling fake water ionizers to our community and urges him to stop. But David refuses and a fight breaks out.


During the brawl, Phil has a heart attack and dies. Pat locks Jack out of her house and it hits Jack emotionally.


David and Jack meet a high profile TV sales company owner, Lewis, who wants to buy the shipping container of what he thinks are genuine ionizers and sell them across Australia. Lewis, with a fat cheque, meets Jack and David at the con man’s farm.


But Jack, after his time with Phil and Pat, is a reformed man and wants to end this dirty business. He bursts out to Lewis that the water ionizers are fake. David is fuming and attacks the young Chinese student. A breathtaking kung fu battle around the farm follows. Just as David is about to kill Jack, the police intervene.


When he recovers Jack finds himself a job as a fundraiser for the Red Cross.






Directed by


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